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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the USCLAC family. You can register to become a USCLAC member online or in person at one of our sign on days or competition nights.

Online Registration for the 2023/2024  season commences 1st August 2023.

Register Online Now

Payment for Online Registration can be made:

  • Online by Credit Card via Paypal
    If you would like to make your payment online, please select the CREDIT CARD payment option and follow the instructions.
  • In person via Credit Card, EFTPOS or cash
    If you would prefer not to make your payment online using the Paypal option, please select the CASH payment option. Please print out your Registration receipt and then you can make your Payment via one of the following methods:

1. Direct Credit into USCLAC bank account with your Transaction ID from your registration receipt as your reference number:
BSB: 633 000
Account #: 211 969 829

2. In person via cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card at our Sign On Days  or competition nights.

Having trouble registering? Follow our How to Register with USCLAC guide and we’ll get you registered in no time!

Sign on Days for the 2023/2024 season will be:

Saturday 19th August – 9.00 -11.00 am

Friday 25th August – 5.30-7.30 pm

Sign On will be held in the University of the Sunshine Coast track precinct3

What age group should my child be registered in?

Athletes are allocated to an Age Group according to their month and year of birth. Age groups are calculated based on age at 31 December

Please use the below table to calculate what Age Group your athlete should be registered in (NB: The Online Registration system will automatically calculate the correct age group for your athletes).



NOTE: Athletes that are born after 31/12/2018 are ineligible to compete in formal Little Athletics competition in the 2023/24 season.

However, USCLAC are proud to be able to offer a Tiny Tots program for athletes aged 3 and 4 years. Tiny Tots compete in a range of activities to introduce them to the sport of Little Athletics including track running, long jump and lots of other fun activities.

Registration Fees

USCLAC has a family based Registration Fee system. The Registration Fees and Levies for the 2023/2024 season are:

Tiny Tots                                      $85 

U6_17 Athletes

First athlete in the family          $145

Second athlete in the family     $145

3rd and subsequent athletes    NIL

Track Access Levy                      $75 per family

Parent Helper Levy                     $50 per family

USCLAC’s family based Registration Fee system includes as “family cap”. This means that the maximum Fee (registration plus levies) payable will be $415.00 per family

Please refer to the Centre Handbook for full details of our Registration Fee and refund policy.

Parent Levy

The Parent Levy is a per family fee collected as part of our Registration process in recognition of the fact that USCLAC need parent volunteers, but not all parents are able to help us out every week.

The great news is that if you are able to help us out 12 times throughout the season, then we will refund your Parent Levy at the end of the season!  Just remember to fill out your parent helper card each Friday night that you help out.

Please refer to the Centre Handbook for full terms & conditions relating to the Parent Levy.

Fair Play Vouchers

USCLAC are proud to be a FAIR PLAY club. Fair Play is part of a Queensland Government initiative to encourage and assist children and young adults to get involved in sport & recreation clubs to embrace a healthy & active lifestyle.

The Fair Play program may provide funding by way of a voucher for up to $150.00 per athlete that can be redeemed at USCLAC to assist with the costs of registrations. 

For more information or to confirm your eligibility please visit the Queensland Government website

Trial Nights

Athletes who are interested in giving Little A’s a go, but aren’t quite sure can come along and try it out before registering. USCLAC offer two trials at a cost of $10 per athlete, per trial. However, if your athletes love it and decide they would like to register, we will deduct the trial fees from your registration fees.

To complete a trial on our orientation meet or any competition night, please complete a trial form and come and see us up in the office.

USCLAC Trial Form 

Membership with University of the Sunshine Coast Athletics Club (the Seniors)

USCLAC are also very proud of our close association with the USCAC Seniors Athletics Club



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