Instructional Videos

The following are some links to basic instructional videos on some of the athletic disciplines included in Little Athletic competition.

Each section for the field events is broken into 3 parts:

  1. Basic instructions on performing the event (mostly for the beginner athlete)
  2. Observation: the rules of the discipline and setting up
  3. Measurement
 These videos are provided by our first life member Adam McGill compliments of SAVE TIME SPORTS
Long Jump Basics Long Jump Observation Long Jump Measurement
High Jump Basics High Jump Observation High Jump Measurement
Triple Jump Basics Triple Jump Observation Triple Jump Measurement
Shot Put Basics Shot Put Observation Shot Put Measurement
Discus Basics Discus Observation Discus Measurement
Javelin Basics – no video available Javelin Measurement – no video available. Measurement is similar to discus, ie. from the closest point that the javelin hits the ground to the back of the runway line, except the tape is pulled through the centre marker on the javelin runway (approx 7 metres behind the line) and then measured from the back of the runway line. Javelin Observation – no video available. Javelin must be thrown over-arm with the grip held from below and the thrower must not touch or exceed the throwing line on the runway. The javelin must land point first and within the “V” sector lines to be a legal throw. A throw is legal even if the javelin does not stick in the ground, as long as the point of the javelin hits the ground first.
Below are some videos for track events also.
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